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Stress is like an iceberg

Stress is like an iceberg. Sometimes we can see the tip, but we don't always see or know how deep it goes. We all have it, we all need it to grow, but too much or the wrong kind of stress can make us sick. Stress is all around us. It's in our head, it’s in our heart, it’s in our breath, it’s in our diet…it even keeps us attached to earth by way of gravity. So, as stress is unavoidable and always there, it is what you do to be ready for it, or how you handle it when you're experiencing it, that makes you stronger.

Who should go to a chiropractor?

Babies get adjusted too! Source unknownWho should go to a chiropractor? The short answer is anyone with a spine and nervous system. The spine is a remarkable stack of funny shaped bones (vertebrae) separated by these little cushions called discs. Through the center of the spine runs the spinal cord. Basically the spine acts as our circuit board connecting our brain and body.

People have unique points of view based on how chiropractic has changed their lives, and everyone can benefit from it. From infants all the way up the age range, including the mom who no longer deals with daily migraine headaches to the grade-schooler who no longer wets the bed (and can now enjoy sleepovers) to the construction foreman who was spared from back surgery.

What EXACTLY is a pinched nerve?

What exactly is a pinched nerve? That question usually brings a lot of thoughts to mind because if you've ever had a "pinched nerve," you've felt misery. Sharp and intense shooting pain-- that doesn’t cease-- is the main symptom that first comes up. Other symptoms like burning, tingling, or numbness are associated with a “pinched nerve." 

In actuality, rarely are nerves truly “pinched." More often, they're compressed, or pressed by tissues like ligaments or bones.
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