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Who should go to a chiropractor?

Who should go to a chiropractor? The short answer is anyone with a spine and nervous system. The spine is a remarkable stack of funny shaped bones (vertebrae) separated by these little cushions called discs. Through the center of the spine runs the spinal cord. Basically the spine acts as our circuit board connecting our brain and body.

Babies get adjusted too! Source unknown

People have unique points of view based on how chiropractic has changed their lives, and everyone can benefit from it. From infants all the way up the age range, including the mom who no longer deals with daily migraine headaches to the grade-schooler who no longer wets the bed (and can now enjoy sleepovers) to the construction foreman who was spared from back surgery. There are even chiropractors with special certifications to work on animals, including horses, dogs and birds.

There are histories of people who have undergone chiropractic care recovering from nearly every disease known to man. Chiropractic care is not just for when you hurt your back or for treating symptoms, it's for enhancing your life. It can bring more light; it can allow more flow of energy to an area that may be blocked or deficient. Chiropractic can enlighten and empower you to deal with stress of any sort, or prevent illness before it has the chance to form.

Chiropractic can change lives! 

I always offer a free consultation and I’d be honored to talk about any concerns you have… 

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